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We bake our vegan cookies with all natural, wholesome ingredients. But, what is vegan? The term "vegan" was first coined in the 1940s by the Vegan Society founded by Donald Watson. Simply put, vegan is a term for people who choose not to eat any animal products at all. Vegans avoid eggs, dairy products, and honey even though no animal has directly died for that food. By contrast, vegetarians do not consume animals, but will eat eggs, dairy products, and honey, which are products made by animals. Our vegan treats follow the highest standards. True vegan treats should not contain any ingredients that involve or have ever involved any animal product, by-product, or derivative. We understand how difficult it can be to not only find a vegan cookie, but a vegan cookie that tastes delicious. You can be certain that our vegan cookies contain no animal products, by-products, or any other product derived from animals. And, they always taste scrumptious.

Vegans have to be careful when choosing food products, as many processed foods often contain hidden animal by-products. Gelatin, which comes from the bones and hides of animals, is present in most marshmallows. Isinglass is a collagen substance from the swimbladders of fish (primarily sturgeon) that is used for the clarification of beer and wine. From these examples, you can see that finding vegan treats and other foods might be harder than it looks. Some other goods that are animal by-products avoided by vegans include lanolin, whey, casein, beeswax, and rennet. Vegans also don’t use silk, wool, fur, and leather, and cosmetics and soaps derived from animal products are also avoided.

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Why Follow a Vegan Lifestyle?

People become vegans for moral, health, environmental, spiritual or religious reasons. The thought that the eggs, milk and honey were intended for the animal’s own species is one of the moral arguments.

"That milk was meant for the calf."
"The honey produced by bees was meant for their offspring."

Veganism also debates the ethical question: it is right for humans to use and kill animals? People who practice veganism for moral reasons are strongly concerned with animal rights, such as animal testing and practices associated with factory farming. Individuals following the animal rights aspect to veganism view their diet as an ethical commitment or moral conviction.

A person may choose to follow a vegan diet for health reasons. There are many benefits. Cholesterol is found only in animal products, so when one is a vegan, no cholesterol is consumed. A vegan’s intake of saturated fats is also generally low. The risk of heart disease, cancer, and other diseases are reduced. If you are considering a vegan diet, do some research as certain vitamins and minerals may need to be added. Speak with a nutritionist or dietician who is experienced in vegetarian or vegan diets to help you get started. A vegan diet should be varied and include fruits, nuts, seeds, vegetables, leafy greens, legumes and whole grains. Be sure to include adequate protein in your diet from sources such as tofu and other soy products, lentils, chickpeas, peanut butter, spinach, broccoli, kale and other foods. For sweet cravings, try vegan treats, like a vegan cookie. For a great tasting healthier choice, try one of our varieties of vegan cookies to satisfy your sweet tooth.

Our vegan treats include all natural ingredients such as rolled oats, dates, expeller pressed canola oil, unsweetened coconut, fruit juice, evaporated cane juice, and more. We only use the highest quality ingredients in our healthy vegan cookies – you won’t find the additive/preservative bisulfite in our coconut, and any soy we use is non-GMO. Each vegan cookie we make is watched over carefully in the bakery to ensure our customers receive a high quality product every time. We want you to savor the moist and chewy goodness in each and every vegan cookie. Bite into any of our healthy cookies and we guarantee you won’t be disappointed. Enjoy mouthwatering chocolate chips in our Oatmeal Chocolate Chip vegan cookie, explore the delectable decadence of our Xtreme Fudge, or reminisce of a time gone by while munching on Grandma’s Gingerbread. Our tasty vegan cookies will keep you coming back for more.


Are vegan cookies better for you than regular cookies? ›

Simply put, vegan baking alternatives are just healthier. Still, vegan cookies aren't a miraculous calorie-free food. You can add tons of sugar to a recipe even if you've cut out all the milk and eggs. Vegan cookies still need a source of fat to replace the butter, as well as flour and, of course, sugar.

How healthy are vegan cookies? ›

Depending on the recipe, and more specifically how much refined sugars they contain vegan cookies probably aren't the healthiest option when it comes to a sweet treat. Opting for a recipe that uses natural fruit-sugars to sweeten them could be the healthiest option.

What is the difference between vegan and non vegan cookies? ›

Vegan ingredients are always plant-based, and some vegans even avoid honey because they refuse to steal from the bees. Vegan desserts won't use butter, milk, or eggs. Instead, you'll find substitutes like avocado, black beans, or other dairy options like milk produced from almonds or oats.

Is there a such thing as vegan cookies? ›

From Nutter Butters to Fig Newtons, there's a sweet world of untapped vegan opportunities down the cookie aisle. It's common knowledge that Oreos are vegan (if you're just learning this now, surprise!), but these iconic sandwich cookies aren't the only animal-free option you'll find down the cookie aisle.

Are vegan desserts healthier than regular desserts? ›

Raw vegan desserts are typically made with more nutritious ingredients than those that tend to be found in regular desserts. They often don't contain any processed ingredients, such as refined sugars, which means you aren't taking in all of those unnecessary, empty calories.

Are vegan sweets better for you? ›

Still, keep in mind that just because these options may be less processed or contain less sugar than alternatives on the market, vegan candies are not considered health foods by any means. Instead, they should be enjoyed as a sweet treat from time to time.

Why are vegan desserts healthier? ›

100% dairy and animal fat-free vegan desserts rely on quality plat-based, whole-food ingredients like fruits, nuts, maple syrups, honey and so on, very close to their natural states. That means vegan dessert provides us with the maximum nutritional potential we could get from any healthy dessert ingredients.

Are vegan baked goods better for you? ›

Vegan Bakes are Nutrient-Rich

Vegan baking may not be considered 'healthy,' but it is more nutritious than your standard non-vegan dessert. Vegan recipes rarely call for many processed ingredients or saturated fats.

Are Oreos no longer vegan? ›

According to the Oreo website: “No, OREO have milk as cross contact and therefore they are not suitable for vegans.” This means that whilst the majority of cookies might be accidentally plant-based, the manufacturers do not have the procedures in place to be able to confidently claim that their products are vegan.

Are Oreos always vegan? ›

Oreos have been a dairy-free and vegan treat since they first launched. Despite the creamy center filling, the cookie contains no milk. With the exception of a few flavors that contain some animal ingredients like honey, most Oreos are vegan.

Were Oreos always vegan? ›

Oreos were not always vegan

In the early twentieth century, they were made with lard (pig fat). It was only in the mid-1990s, over concerns about the healthfulness of animal fat, that Nabisco, Oreo's parent company, decided to replace lard with partially hydrogenated vegetable oil.

Are McDonald's cookies vegan? ›

Unfortunately NOT Vegan at McDonald's (in the US):

Shakes (contain milk) Fruit Smoothies (contain yogurt) Chocolate Chip Cookies (contain egg and milk)

Why are vegan cookies flat? ›

Your vegan butter or margarine was too soft

Using butter or margarine that's too soft is probably the most common reason why vegan cookies go flat. This can happen if you've melted it, left it out of the fridge for too long before using, or it could simply be that your kitchen is too hot and humid.

Are Panera cookies vegan? ›

Pastries. Not a single pastry, muffin, scone, or cookie is completely vegan. Even the french croissant, the only pastry free of eggs or butter, contains whey, a milk product. Fortunately, they are offering seasonal chocolate Valentine cupcakes that are perfectly acceptable for vegans to eat.

Which cookies is best for health? ›

Simple Mills Chocolate Chip Cookies

With just 7 grams of sugar per serving, these cookies contain fewer added sugars compared to many other store-bought options. Furthermore, being rich in healthy fats and protein from almond flour, these cookies promote healthy skin, hair, nails, and support brain function.

Which cookies are the least unhealthy? ›

Simple Mills. While not entirely organic, Simple Mills makes some of the healthiest cookies we found. The ingredients here are very clean, in addition to being grain-free. The flour is a blend of nuts, the fat is coconut oil, and the sweetener is coconut sugar.

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