The 18 Best Vegan Dessert Finds at Trader Joe’s (2023)

Trader Joe’s is consistently changing the game with innovative new vegan twists on classic eats, and we can’t get enough. Plant-based ice cream, mochi, cookies, and more are keeping our sweet tooth satisfied, and at budget-friendly prices, our wallets happy. Whether we’re diving into bags of mini nut-free chocolate sunflower butter cups or biting into chewy, moist snickerdoodle cookies, one thing is for sure: Trader Joe’s holds the answer to our sweet tooth cravings.

Trader Joe’s launches new vegan products

Trader Joe’s has reigned as king of snacks for years, thanks to its exclusive private-label goods. And many of those snacks have long been vegan.

And while Trader Joe’s products have a reputation for passing in and out of the store relatively quickly, over the years the popular grocer has carried plant-based products such asdairy-free cheesecakes,vegan ranch dipwith a coconut-milk base, ultra-high proteinvegan burger patties, and four packs of deliciously sweet and fluffyvegan vanilla cupcakes. While these products may no longer be on the shelves at the grocer, they have been replaced by numerous new and exciting products.

Vegan sweets at Trader Joe’s

While we can’t wait to see what’s next from this cult-favorite grocery chain, for now, we are turning our attention to all the luscious, dairy-free, egg-free desserts and sweet bites they currently offer. Here are our 18 favorites:

The 18 Best Vegan Dessert Finds at Trader Joe’s (1)Trader Joe’s

1 Dark Chocolate Sunflower Seed Butter Cups

Who needs Reese’s? We’re so here for these peanut-free dark chocolate sweets, conveniently located by the registers, for a grab-and-go sweet tooth fix. The mini version offers us the perfect chocolate-craving fix.

The 18 Best Vegan Dessert Finds at Trader Joe’s (2)Trader Joe’s

2 Organic Almond Beverage Chocolate Bar

The name is a bit confusing here. What Trader Joe’s is trying to say is “vegan milk chocolate.” That’s right. Run, don’t walk, to your nearest location now.

The 18 Best Vegan Dessert Finds at Trader Joe’s (3)Trader Joe’s

3 Hold the Dairy! Mini Cones

These coconut milk-based chocolate ice cream-filled cones are drizzled with chocolate and make for the ultimate single-serving ice cream treats for warm weather days. Stock up before summer.

The 18 Best Vegan Dessert Finds at Trader Joe’s (4)@traderjoesvegan/Instagram

4 Créme Sandwich Cookies

Whether you prefer lemon or chocolate, TJ’s has you covered. We highly recommend trying one of each flavor of these vegan soft-baked sandwich cookies. The Lemon Créme has a wonderful pucker and the Chocolate Brownie & Vanilla Créme is deliciously decadent.

The 18 Best Vegan Dessert Finds at Trader Joe’s (5)@traderjoesvegan/Instagram

5 Vegan marshmallows

We load up our steamy mugs of soy hot cocoa with these fluffy treats in the winter and roast them over campfires in the summer, but no matter the season, we’ll always keep a bag of these gelatin-free marshmallows on hand.

The 18 Best Vegan Dessert Finds at Trader Joe’s (6)@vegan.traderjoes/Instagram

6 Okie Dokie Oat Non-Dairy Ice Cream

Each scoop of this oat milk ice cream packs in bits of honeycomb toffee and luxurious caramel swirls. We drizzle ours with even more vegan caramel for a dreamy, sweet chocolate-free ice cream treat.

The 18 Best Vegan Dessert Finds at Trader Joe’s (7)@hello.traderjoes/Instagram

7 Non-Dairy Oat Frozen Dessert in Strawberry

Don’t pass up this pint assuming it’s plain strawberry—the super-smooth ice cream is packed with delightfully crunchy almond brittle and sweet candied strawberries that pump up the flavor and texture. This creamy treat will make a strawberry ice cream lover out of anyone.

The 18 Best Vegan Dessert Finds at Trader Joe’s (8)Big Box Vegan

8 Thai Banana Fritters

These rice, coconut, and sesame-battered fritters are made with sliced Thai Namwa bananas and are easy to crisp up to golden perfection in the air fryer. Serve with scoops of dairy-free vanilla ice cream for an easy dessert.

The 18 Best Vegan Dessert Finds at Trader Joe’s (9)Trader Joe’s

9 Vanilla Non-Dairy Frozen Dessert

This almond milk-based ice cream tastes like cake batter. If this is what true vanilla tastes like, we’ve been missing out for years.

The 18 Best Vegan Dessert Finds at Trader Joe’s (10)VegNews

10 Jumbo Cinnamon Rolls

Let’s be honest, cinnamon rolls are more of a dessert than a breakfast. But there’s absolutely nothing stopping us from gobbling down these ready-to-bake accidentally vegan treats in the morning. Plus, don’t miss the pumpkin variety during the fall months.

The 18 Best Vegan Dessert Finds at Trader Joe’s (11)Trader Joe’s

11 Vegan Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Cookies

These moist, soft, chewy cookies have saved us on many occasions when cravings have struck. There’s no skimping on the chocolate here, each bite is studded with melt-in-your-mouth dairy-free chocolate chunks.

The 18 Best Vegan Dessert Finds at Trader Joe’s (12)Trader Joe’s

12 Joe-Joe’s

Who could forget these classic Trader Joe’s créme-filled cookies? Buyer beware: the gluten-free Joe-Joe’s are not vegan (they contain dairy). Thankfully, the various seasonal flavors such as Matcha, Mango, and Candy Cane provide vegans with plenty of tasty options.

The 18 Best Vegan Dessert Finds at Trader Joe’s (13)@traderjoesveganitems/Instagram

13 Chocolate Fudge Oat Bars

The fudge bars of our youth get a major upgrade in these dairy-free, oat-based versions from the popular grocer. Scan the freezer section and grab a box (or two) for when a craving strikes.

The 18 Best Vegan Dessert Finds at Trader Joe’s (14)@traderjoesveganitems/Instagram

14 Cold Brew Coffee and Boba Ice Cream

With chewy bites of tapioca pearls, this inventive pint of ice cream quickly won us over and has become a Trader Joe’s favorite. The coconut milk base nicely compliments the rich coffee flavor for a well-balanced pint.

The 18 Best Vegan Dessert Finds at Trader Joe’s (15)Trader Joe’s

15 Vegan Cookies & Creme Vanilla Bean Bon-Bons

Trader Joe’s ice cream novelties have gone gourmet! These coconut-based ice cream bites are enrobed in a rich dark chocolate coating that snaps with each bite.

The 18 Best Vegan Dessert Finds at Trader Joe’s (16)Trader Joe’s

16 Oat Milk Ice Cream Sandwiches

The classic, wafer-like ice cream sandwiches have ditched dairy in this rendition by Trader Joe’s. A simple vanilla oat ice cream is sandwiched between two chocolate wafers for a kid-friendly treat.

The 18 Best Vegan Dessert Finds at Trader Joe’s (17)@eatingstamfordct/Instagram

17 Oat Chocolate Bars

Trading in dairy for oat milk? These vegan milk chocolate bars are perfect for s’mores, chopping into cookie dough, melting over baked goods, or eating straight as a bar.

The 18 Best Vegan Dessert Finds at Trader Joe’s (18)Partake

18 Partake Cookies

These beloved, gluten-free, always-vegan cookies hit the shelves at TJ’s and we couldn’t be happier! We’re munching our way through the mini chocolate chip variety.

The 18 Best Vegan Dessert Finds at Trader Joe’s (19)

Sarah McLaughlin (@sarahmclaughlin) is the New Products Editor at VegNews and is always on the search for the newest innovations in plant-based food.


What Trader Joes cookies are vegan? ›

In fact, we'll bet you a box of our brand-new Trader Joe's Vegan Cookies & Creme Vanilla Bean Bon Bons that we do... Inspired by the success of our holiday-season Non Dairy Mint & Chip Bon Bons, TJ's Cookies & Creme Bon Bons are a vegan, non-dairy dream come true.

Does Trader Joe's carry vegan cookies? ›

4 Créme Sandwich Cookies

Whether you prefer lemon or chocolate, TJ's has you covered. We highly recommend trying one of each flavor of these vegan soft-baked sandwich cookies. The Lemon Créme has a wonderful pucker and the Chocolate Brownie & Vanilla Créme is deliciously decadent.

Does Trader Joe's have deserts? ›

Trader Joe's desserts may be some of the best, and makes grocery shopping incredibly tempting, seriously how can you pass by the dark chocolate peanut butter cups? We love all the Trader Joe's deserts, sweets and treats whether they come in the form of a cookie, bite sized delights, crackers, gummies or ice cream.

Are Trader Joe's Joe Joe's cookies vegan? ›

Just like Oreo's are accidentally vegan, Joe Joe's are too. But way, way better. All varieties of Joe-Joe's are 100% dairy and egg free (including seasonal favorites like Pumpkin and Candy Cane), with the Vanilla-Vanilla being the underrated superstar (trust us). Salty sweet heaven.

Are Trader Joe's macarons vegan? ›

Trader Joe's Coconut Macaroons. This product contains 2 ingredients that are not vegan and 2 ingredients that may not be vegan.

Are Trader Joe's half moon cookies vegan? ›

No. This product is not vegan as it lists 2 ingredients that derive from animals and 9 ingredients that could derive from animals depending on the source.

What country owns Trader Joe's? ›

Trader Joe's is an American chain of grocery stores headquartered in Monrovia, California. The chain has 560 stores across the United States. Monrovia, California, U.S. The first Trader Joe's store was opened in 1967 by founder Joe Coulombe in Pasadena, California.

Does Trader Joe's make churros? ›

They are typically long and thin, and are often served with a chocolate dipping sauce. Trader Joe's is a grocery store chain that is known for its affordable prices and unique selections. While Trader Joe's does not have a specific section for churros, they do sell a variety of other fried dough pastries.

Is Trader Joe's babka vegan? ›

Trader Joe's is well-known for its popular Babka, which is a delicious and unique variety of food. The majority of shoppers assume that Babka is vegan, but it contains eggs, soy, and wheat. Furthermore, it could contain traces of almonds, hazelnuts, or walnuts.

What chocolate is vegan friendly? ›

So, firstly: Is Chocolate Vegan? Most dark chocolate is inherently vegan. Superior quality dark chocolate only has a handful of ingredients: cocoa, (usually listed as cocoa mass and cocoa butter), sugar, lecithin, and sometimes vanilla.

What cookies are naturally vegan? ›

Vegan Cookie Brands
  • Munk Pack Protein Cookie []
  • Enjoy Life Soft Baked Cookies []
  • Lenny & Larry's []
  • Ope's Cookies [Mail-order]
  • Uncle Eddie's [Mail-order and retail distribution]
  • Alternative Baking Company [Mail-order and retail distribution]

Is Trader Joe's or Whole Foods better for vegans? ›

Trader Joe's comes out as the clear winner among vegetarians/vegans. Perhaps the chain should continue tapping into its mock meat options – to satisfy these loyal veggies. Whole Foods may want to do the same.

Is Trader Joe's pizza crust vegan? ›

Trader Joe's sells premade pizza dough in a plain and garlic & herb flavor. Both varieties are vegan.

Are Oreos no longer vegan? ›

According to the Oreo website: “No, OREO have milk as cross contact and therefore they are not suitable for vegans.” This means that whilst the majority of cookies might be accidentally plant-based, the manufacturers do not have the procedures in place to be able to confidently claim that their products are vegan.

Are Oreos a vegan food? ›

Are Oreos really vegan? Oreo cookies do not contain any animal-derived ingredients and are safe to eat for vegans.

Which Girl Scout cookies are vegan and dairy free? ›

Girl Scout Cookies are made by one of two bakeries: ABC Bakers (which offers six vegan cookie options: Toast-Yay, Peanut Butter Patties, Thin Mints, Lemonades, Raspberry Rallies, and Caramel Chocolate Chip) and Little Brownie Bakers (which offers two vegan cookie options: Thin Mints and Raspberry Rallies).

Is Trader Joe's Indian style flatbread vegan? ›

YUM! This garlic flatbread is so delicious! Flavorful and soft. Perfect stuffed with veggies and vegan meat, eaten as a side/sauce soaker, paired with a dip or just on its own warmed...

Are Trader Joe's garlic naan crackers vegan? ›

The kitties inspecting all of our goodies from Trader Joe's.

Crunchy, salty, and don't let the buttery flavor fool you, these are vegan!

Is Trader Joe's pita bread vegan? ›

Pita bread is traditionally made with oil, but this whole wheat option is completely oil-free, making it one of FOK follower Heather Morgan's favorite Trader Joe's finds. Fill it up with your favorite veggies, or use it as a base for Simple Vegan Pita Pizzas.

Are Trader Joe's organic crescent rolls vegan? ›

Like many pop-can doughs, Trader Joe's crescent rolls are vegan.

Does Night Owl cookies have vegan options? ›

A cookie shop offering two vegan cookies: A clearly labeled 'vegan chocolate chip' and an Oreo cookie with chocolate chips (unclear if labeled). Has vegan milks. Open Mon-Sun 11:00am-2:00am. Are you the owner?

Is Trader Joe's Mochi Cake vegan? ›

This product contains 1 ingredient that is not vegan and 2 ingredients that may not be vegan.

Is Aldi owned by Trader Joe? ›

The one big thing Trader Joe's and Aldi have in common

They've both owned by the same people. According to Reader's Digest, Trader Joe's founder Joe Coulombe sold his business to Theo Albrecht in 1979, officially making the Albrecht family the proud owners of both prosperous markets.

What is Trader Joe's famous for? ›

Trader Joe's is known for its unique food products, including seasonal offerings, as well as for its low prices. But Trader Joe's actually was not the most popular grocery store in America in 2022. In fact, a YouGov survey showed another grocery store was just a little bit more beloved among U.S. adults.

What city has the most Trader Joe's? ›

Cities with the most number of Trader Joes stores in the United States
CityState / TerritoryNumber of Locations
Los AngelesCalifornia14
New YorkNew York9
San DiegoCalifornia8
6 more rows
Jun 13, 2023

Who makes Trader Joe's donuts? ›

Trader Joe's Glazed Sour Cream Donuts. are made for us by a family-owned, New England bakery and are the donuts of our dreams.

Does Taco Bell make churros? ›

Our crispy dessert sprinkled with generous portion of cinnamon sugar & to top is up is served with chocolate sauce. PLEASE WAIT WHILE WE REDIRECT YOU TO ORDER YOUR FAVOURITE MEAL..

What is in a Costco churro? ›

Here are the ingredients of Costco Churros:
  • Water.
  • Flour.
  • Oil.
  • Lemon.
  • Sugar.
  • Eggs.
  • Salt.
  • Butter.

Are Trader Joe's hot dog buns vegan? ›

Hamburger or Hot Dog Buns

Whether you chose the burger or hot dog route, you'll most likely want some buns. These Gourmet White Hamburger and Hot Dog Buns from Trader Joe's are made with vegan ingredients, without any artificial colors or flavors. And the soft and light texture of these carb-tastic items is classic!

Is Trader Joe's ciabatta vegan? ›

Meal prep is a breeze with the Miso Vegetables and Brown Rice Sauté Kit, easily paired with tofu for a complete Asian-inspired meal in minutes. Trader Joe's, on a roll! With a host of vegan bread offerings, you can be sure to find freshly baked artisan-style carbs. Everything Ciabatta Rolls are a must-try.

Is Trader Joes jam vegan? ›

Yes! We believe this product is vegan as there are no animal or animal-derived ingredients listed on the label.

What candy is 100% vegan? ›

Other popular candy brands that are vegan

For example, AirHeads, Dots, Charms Blow Pops, Swedish Fish, and original Twizzlers are all vegan-friendly. If you'd like to learn more about vegan-friendly candies, check out Peta's Halloween Candy Guide.

Are M&M's vegan? ›

Milk chocolate is made with skim milk, lactose, and milkfat meaning that M&Ms contain dairy and are not vegan.

Is Ghirardelli chocolate vegan? ›

Most Ghirardelli dark chocolates contain milk derivatives, making them unsuitable for the vegan diet. However, there is a black sheep among their line of dark chocolates — the 72% Cacao Twilight Delight Bar. Yes, it's entirely vegan!

What everyday sweets are vegan? ›

The Best Vegan Sweets
  • Millions. ...
  • Biona Organic Pomegranate Hearts. ...
  • Candy Kittens. ...
  • Vegan Freedom White Vanilla Mallows. ...
  • Starbursts. ...
  • Snact Apple & Raspberry Fruit Jerky. ...
  • Skittles. ...
  • Keats Gourmet Fizzy Carrot Gummy Sweets.

What normal sweets are vegan? ›

12 sweets you didn't know were vegan
  • Candy Kittens. Colourfully polka dotty and full of flavour. ...
  • Haribo Rainbow Range. Most Haribo sweets do contain gelatine, but, if it's Tangfastics you're missing, you're in luck. ...
  • Jelly Tots. Yes. ...
  • Lemon Sherbets. ...
  • M&S Own Brand. ...
  • Millions. ...
  • Sherbety Snacks. ...
  • Swizzels.

Are Trader Joe's cookie butter cookies vegan? ›

Trader Joe's Speculoos Cookie Butter is a popular snack among vegans, as it is completely vegan-friendly and made with no animal-derived ingredients. The cookie butter is made with vegetable oil, sugar, and ground speculoos cookies, making it a great alternative to traditional butter.

Does Trader Joe's have vegan chocolate chip cookies? ›

Trader Joe's has two lovely vegan cookie varieties from its bakery: Vegan Chocolate Chip with Walnuts and Vegan Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Cookies with Coconut. If you like walnuts, go for those; they are wonderful, except for the walnuts (but this is just me).

Are Trader Joe's lemon cookies vegan? ›

Trader Joe's Lemon Creme Sandwich Cookies are new vegan cookies in the fresh bakery and bread aisle. If you are a soft cookie fan you'll love these.

Are Biscoff cream cookies vegan? ›


But the magic is in the making. It happens in the oven, during the well-mastered caramelization process. In fact, it's all a matter of craftsmanship. Made with non-GMO ingredients, Lotus Biscoff cookies are vegan friendly and contain no artificial colors, no flavors, and no preservatives.

Are Trader Joe's Oreos vegan? ›

Just like the original, Trader Joe's version of the Oreo sandwich cookie is also vegan (with the exception of the gluten-free Joe Joe's, which contains egg).

Is Biscoff cookie butter vegan? ›

Lotus Biscoff cookie butter has a unique and surprising taste that brings variety to your table, whenever you enjoy a slice of bread or toast. Made with non-GMO ingredients, it is vegan friendly and contains no artificial colors, no flavors, and no preservatives.

Are Trader Joe's sweet potato crackers vegan? ›

No. This product is not vegan as it lists 1 ingredient that derives from animals.

Are Trader Joe's semi sweet chips vegan? ›

Trader Joe's

This is a store that is a haven for people who follow a vegan lifestyle. These are their vegan chocolate chips: Trader's Joe's Dark Chocolate Chips. Trader's Joe's Semi-sweet Chocolate Chips.

Are all back to nature cookies vegan? ›

With the exception of honey, in our plant based snacks, Back to Nature avoids any ingredients sourced from animals.

Are any Oreos not vegan? ›

These include: Classic Oreos, Golden Oreos, Double Stuff, and Chocolate Cream Oreos. The only Oreos which are not suitable for vegans are the Peanut Butter flavoured biscuits which contain milk.

What Oreos are vegan? ›

Vegan-Friendly Oreo Flavors
  • Oreo.
  • Double Stuff Oreo. What is this?
  • Mega Stuff Oreo.
  • Golden Oreo.
  • Gluten-Free Oreo.
  • Brookie-O (Limited Edition)
  • Chocolate Hazelnut.
  • Java Chip Flavored Creme.
Mar 23, 2023

Are Panda fortune cookies vegan? ›

The package also notes that the product contains wheat and may contain egg and soy ingredients. Therefore, Panda Express fortune cookies are vegan but are not gluten-free. Those with egg or soy allergies should avoid Panda's fortune cookies due to possible cross contamination.

Which Subway cookie is vegan? ›

However, Subway does offer a few dairy-free cookie options. These include their Oatmeal Raisin and Chocolate Chip cookies. Both of these cookies are made without any dairy ingredients, making them a great choice for those who are looking for a dairy-free dessert.

What is in Starbucks vegan cookie? ›

Our vegan cookie includes oatmeal, macadamia nuts, almonds and coconut plus the delightful tang of dried cranberries.

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