Ramsey Lewis Intense Last Video Before Death | The End Will Make You Cry😭 (2023)


Jazz pianist Ramsey Lewis Intense Last Video Before Death | The End Will Make You Cry😭

Ramsey Lewis, the Chicago native-born jazz great, has died peacefully at his home

Very saddening news !

Ransey was just 87.

The iconic jazz pianist and composer who scored on the pop charts with the 1965 hit “The In Crowd”, passed away Monday 12, 2022 according to a statement that was released via social media

A statement on his Facebook page listed no cause of death but said Mr. Lewis “died peacefully at his home in Chicago” on Monday morning.

“Ramsey’s passion for music was truly fueled by the love and dedication of his fans across the globe,” his wife Janet Lewis said in a statement. “

She further revealed that
“He loved touring and meeting music lovers from so many cultures and walks of life. It was our family’s great pleasure to share Ramsey in this special way with all those who admired his God-given talents.

We are forever grateful for your support.”

In one of his last interviews Ramsey said

“I started studying classical music so young,” Mr. Lewis told the Sun-Times in a 2018 interview.”

“I loved, and still love, Chopin and Beethoven. And gospel music. I lucked out because both my parents Ramsey Lewis Senior and Pauline Lewis loved classical and gospel music.

My dad loved jazz as well. So I was hearing this music around the house since I was born.”

Born Ramsey Emmanuel Lewis Jr on May 27, 1935, he actually died on September 12, 2022 as I earlier told you

He was a top class jazz composer, pianist, and radio personality.

Lewis recorded over 80 albums and received five gold records and three Grammy Awards in his career.

In 1956 the trio issued their debut album, Ramsey Lewis and his Gentle-men of Swing. Following their 1965 hit "The In Crowd" (the single reached No. 5 on the pop charts, and the album No. 2) as they concentrated more on pop material.

Young and Holt left in 1966 to form Young-Holt Unlimited and were replaced by Cleveland Eaton and Maurice White.

White left to form Earth, Wind & Fire and was replaced by Morris Jennings in 1970.

Later, Frankie Donaldson and Bill Dickens replaced Jennings and Eaton; Felton Crews also appeared on many 1980s releases.

He is survived by his wife, five children, and several grandchildren and great-grandchildren.

We send our deepest condolences to the family, friends, fans and everyone who loved the legend

Rest in power king.


Foreign artists because I work with so many.

But what comes to mind is Nancy, Wilson, Billy, Taylor and uh, Maurice White, of course, um.

And all for different reasons Nancy Wilson was just a great singer.

She didn't read music, but she has such a wonderful ear.

We did concerts together, and we did several concerts together.

And sometimes just because I was being naughty.

I would change keys or do something with the arrangement and her ear was so great.

She would follow me, whatever I did and kind of look back back at me and smile.

We had a lot of fun together.

Maurice White.

He says, you know, he was with my second Trio and one day, he said, Ramsay, I'm gonna I'll leave and form my own group in the next several months and I said, oh, great Marie.

So you have a quintet you're going to play jazz.

And he said, no, I'm gonna I'm gonna do magic we're gonna dance and we're gonna do these wonderful things he needed about four or five things that I said, Maurice, take a couple aspirin lay down and get some rest.

Of course, Maurice White went on to be one of the greatest groups ever.

And he called me they were on the road.

They were in, um New, York City.

They had just sold out Madison, Square, Garden.

Hello, Madison.


Garden I was in Washington DC.

We played a small, uh Auditorium.

He called me, and he says, hey, Ramsey, how are you doing? So we went through pleasantries, and he says, I got a song for you and I said, oh really, he's just going to be bigger than the end crowd.

I said, Maurice, come on.

I know, he didn't drink, but I just said, well, you've been drinking and he said, he laughed and he says, what are you doing? He met me in Chicago after that.

And we recorded a song, and he thought that was going to be the biggest song ever.

But before it was called, um hot dog and I said, that's it, huh? He said, yeah, okay.

See you later they started packing up, but when I look back, and he said, I got this other little Melody, it's, just a Melody.

So there'll be a lot of soloing.

Okay, I said, okay, won't take them.

The first, um, hot dog.

It took three days.

The second one took about four hours because they were soloing and the melody solo Melody solo.

So I said, what are you gonna call it? He says, don't worry about it it'll be an album soon, you know, you won't get the airplane, but it'll be on the album.

What are you gonna call it? Ah, just call it sun goddess.

Well, we know what Sun Gods went on to do and Billy Tales.

All, oh, God, Billy, Taylor.

What didn't I learn from Billy, Taylor, Billy, Taylor and I did two piano concerts for old man about 10 or 12 years.

We did.

We would do 10 or 15 concerts a year, just the two pianos and Billy Taylor played so much piano.

But at that point, I didn't have, you know, I would announce the songs and look our audience.

So he says, Ramsey, you speak.

So well, you've got a touch that up and and tell the audience about your music and this and this song and whatever and whatever whatever and I I have to say, and then then after well, that was just wonderful doing that.

But then on the plane, as we travel to play the next concert, he would share some of the stories with me.

And one of the stories was his dad.

They lived in Washington DC.

And his dad says, go up to New York and here's a friend of mine because you play piano so well and I want these people in New York to hear you play piano.

Go up his house, Ramsey Louise.

It just pianist.

Unexpectedly become a very huge pop star when he's recording of the In Crowd reached to team in 1865, remained musically active for more than half a century.

He has died actually on Monday at his home peacefully in Chicago.

He was just 87 years old, very devastating news.

Indeed, his death actually was announced by his wife, Janet, Lewis and Knuckles of death was given Mr Louise who had been leading his own groups since 1956 had recorded with the revered drama, Max erwag and was well known in just Circles by later known elsewhere, where he and his Trio El Diane on bus.

And the red Halton drums recorded a live album at the Bohemia caverns in Washington in May 1965., the album actually included a version of The In Crowd, which had been ahead for the RnB singer, Debbie gray, just a few months, early, um, and which was released as a single this quote, the attention of so many people.

And indeed, Ramsey became a huge huge step.

The instrumental records were a reality on the pop charts at the time and gets records to be specifically even more so was not really so common at that time.

But the Infectious groove of Mr Lewis blew the piano work.

And the Ecstasy crowd reaction helped him helped him to make the Ramsey Lewis Trio rendition of The, In, Crowd, esteperson on radio stations and Jack boxes across at the country.

Not only in the US, but also in Australia and Europe.

It eventually reached number five on the billboard had 108 points higher than Adobe gray.

Original had reached this actually made him even more popular on his band.

Two more singles in a similar vein, quickly, followed covers of hang on Sloppy, which had been number one on the heat for The McCoys in 1965-1966.

And the Beatles A, Hard, Day's, Night, both in crowd and hang on Sloppy.

One Grammy, Awards after Mr, Young and Mr Holt left to form their own group.

Mr Lewis formed a new trail with Cleveland Eaton on base and Maurice White, whom he really regards so highly and later, founded the Earth Wind and Fire on the drums.

Actually, this was really really so awesome that it caught even the attention of more people.

And the crowd became bigger.

And he also became mobiga in the alt industry.

The group had actually a top 40 hit in 1966 with a version of the spiritual Wade, In, The Water.

And that proved to be the end of Mr Lewis career as a papaya of hit singles.

But it was far from the end of his career as a jazz musician, looking further through his history.

He would go on to record dozens more albums.

And in 2007, the National Endowment for the Arts named him, a jazz master and the Nations highest honor for a jazz musician.

You can't get that if you aren't really so awesome with regards to the art you're in in the 1990s, Mr Lewis hosted a Syndicate weekly radio program, a Legends of the Jazz with Ramsay Lewis.

And in 2006, he hosted a public television series of the SIM name, which featured the live performances of Dave, Brubeck, chickoria, Tony, Bennett.

And so many other jerseys in this moment in time we are sending our deepest condolences to the family of friends, the wife, plus we the fans who have really lost a huge, talented Legend resting for the king.


What did Ramsey Lewis die from? ›

Ramsey Lewis, a pianist who sustained connections between jazz and popular music at a time when those bonds often seemed fragile and imperiled, died on Monday in Chicago, his hometown. He was 87. His death was announced by his manager, Brett Steele, who cited natural causes.

Who played the in crowd? ›

"The 'In' Crowd" is a 1964 song written by Billy Page and arranged by his brother Gene and originally performed by Dobie Gray on his album Dobie Gray Sings for "In" Crowders That Go "Go-Go".

Where in Chicago did Ramsey Lewis live? ›

Lewis grew up in Cabrini Green and began taking piano lessons at age four, playing at the church where his father was choir director. It was his father's appreciation of artists like Duke Ellington and Art Tatum that heavily influenced Lewis' embrace of jazz, a love he then inspired in others.

How old was Ramsey Lewis when he died? ›

Lewis passed away peacefully in his sleep on Monday at the age of 87, his manager said. As CBS 2's Steven Graves reported, Lewis worked right up until his death. Lewis was a three-time Grammy winner, and NEA Jazz Master.

What is the news about Ramsey Lewis? ›

Ramsey Lewis has died. A statement on his Facebook page says he spent his last hours peacefully at home in Chicago. STEVE INSKEEP, HOST: He was a pianist, and you could say that his legacy is extending the life of jazz.

What is the latest news on Ramsey Lewis? ›

Jazz pianist and three-time Grammy winner Ramsey Lewis died peacefully in his Chicago home Monday, according to a spokesperson. He was 87.

Who made the in crowd famous? ›

Book Excerpt: Ramsey Lewis on the genesis of his smash hit 'The In Crowd'

What is the in crowd mean? ›

noun. noun. [singular] a small group of people within a larger group who seem to be the most popular or fashionable.

Where can I watch the in crowd 1988? ›

Vudu - Watch The In Crowd.

Who was Ramsey Lewis married to? ›

Who is Ramsey Lewis wife? ›

How many kids did Ramsey Lewis have? ›

Ramsey Lewis, Chicago jazz legend, performs with his 2 sons.

What pianist died in 1984? ›

William James "Count" Basie (/ˈbeɪsi/; August 21, 1904 – April 26, 1984) was an American jazz pianist, organist, bandleader, and composer.

What famous pianist died recently? ›

George Winston performs onstage at the Country Music Hall of Fame in Nashville in 2019. George Winston, a pianist whose successful recordings made him one of the first stars of new age music, died June 4 in California after a decadeslong struggle with cancer.

Where was Ramsey Lewis from? ›

He was born in Chicago on May 27, 1935, to hard-working, self-educated Southern farm workers who met in church. Lewis attended Chicago Music College Preparatory School from 1947 to 1954. He credited his music teacher, Dorothy Mendelsohn, with teaching him how to listen with his inner ear.

Where did Ramsey Lewis live when he died? ›

Ramsey Lewis, seen here performing at the Ontario Jazz Festival in 1981, died Monday at his home in Chicago. Ramsey Lewis, a pianist who sustained connections between jazz and popular music at a time when those bonds often seemed fragile and imperiled, died on Monday in Chicago, his hometown. He was 87.

Why is Ramsey not playing? ›

Ramsey, a key part of Wales' squad, suffered a hamstring problem in Nice's Ligue 1 home defeat to AS Monaco last Sunday and Page confirmed he will be out for three weeks but believes that injury will not affect his selection for the World Cup.

What genre is Ramsey Lewis? ›

His 1965 recording of “The 'In' Crowd” brought him to a place few jazz musicians reached in that era: the Top 10.

Did Ramsey remarry? ›

“I think he's focused on life today and enjoying life with his family and grandkids.” John Ramsey remarried in 2011. John Andrew Ramsey said that while the family is focused on healing, they have not lost the will to find the killer.

What happened to Pat Ramsey? ›

Patsy Ramsey died from ovarian cancer at age 49 on June 24, 2006. She died at her father's house with her husband by her side. Ramsey is buried at St. James Episcopal Cemetery in Marietta, Georgia, next to JonBenét.

Who is Ramsey IV? ›

Jack Ramsey IV - Flight Chief, Plans and Programs - United States Air Force | LinkedIn.

What year did Ramsey Lewis record the in crowd? ›

The In Crowd is a live album by the Ramsey Lewis Trio, recorded in 1965 at the Bohemian Caverns nightclub in Washington, D.C., and released on the Argo label.

When was the in crowd by Ramsey Lewis released? ›

Ramsey Lewis Trio – The "In" Crowd (1965, Brown Label, Vinyl) - Discogs.

Who wrote the in crowd? ›

The song, originally written by Billy Page in 1964 and recorded by Gray on his album Dobie Gray Sings for 'In' Crowders that 'Go Go. ' It was also released as a single, which peaked at number 13 on the Billboard Hot 100 on February 20, 1965.

What is a veiled threat? ›

​a veiled threat, warning, etc. is not expressed directly or clearly because you do not want your meaning to be too obvious. a thinly veiled threat. She made a veiled reference to his past mistakes.

What do you call someone in the in-crowd? ›

the in-crowd. the privileged. the upper class. the well-to-do. upper crust.

What does sheep in the crowd mean? ›

Add to word list Add to word list. If a group of people are (like) sheep, they all behave in the same way or all behave as they are told, and cannot or will not act independently.

How does the in crowd end? ›

Adrien moves on and leaves the country club, and it is Brittany who ends up in the mental institution. The last scene shows Brittany using her beauty and womanly wiles on a male orderly, with the audience led to believe that she would more than likely escape the mental institution.

How can I watch the crowd 1928? ›

Right now you can watch The Crowd on Criterion Channel.

What is the 80s movie the in crowd? ›

The In Crowd is a 1988 American teen drama film directed by Mark Rosenthal and written by Rosenthal and his long-time writing partner Lawrence Konner. The period piece set in the 1960s features music of the era, including "Land of a Thousand Dances" and the instrumental "Cast Your Fate to the Wind" by Vince Guaraldi.

Is Ramsey Lewis living? ›

Where did Ramsey Lewis go to college? ›

Born Ramsey Emmanuel Lewis Jr. on May 27, 1935, in Chicago; married twice; four children. Education: Attended Chicago College of Music and DePaul University.

Did Ramsey Lewis have a sister? ›

Ramsey Lewis: I started studying piano when I was four years old and it was just something to do. I didn't choose to do it, my older sister Lucille, two years older than me, was chosen to be the pianist in the house.

What happened to Herbie Hancock? ›

Since 2012, Hancock has served as a professor at the University of California, Los Angeles, where he teaches at the UCLA Herb Alpert School of Music.

Does Aaron Lewis have a daughter? ›

Who were the members of the Ramsey Lewis Trio? ›

How old are the Ramsey children? ›

The couple has five kids — Megan, Holly, Jack, Tilly, and Oscar — ranging from ages 4 to 24.

Does Aaron Lewis have kids? ›

Does Martin Lewis have a son? ›

Lewis married 5 News weather presenter Lara Lewington on 31 May 2009. They have one daughter. Lewis is Jewish and practises the Jewish faith.

What pianist went insane? ›

Friends and family of Schumann worked to create their own image of him, one which downplayed the role of mental illness in his life. At the opposite extreme was the public perception. It sensationalized the final years he'd spent in an asylum, and tagged any of his eccentricities as proof of his insanity.

Who was killed by a piano? ›

James “Jimmy the Beard” Ferrozzo // Crushed by a Piano

The man was her boyfriend, the club's bouncer.

Which singer was killed by his father in 1984? ›

On April 1, 1984, Marvin Gaye, an American musician who gained worldwide fame for his work with Motown Records, was shot and killed on the day before his 45th birthday by his father, Marvin Gay Sr., at their house in the Western Heights neighborhood of Los Angeles, California.

Who is the greatest pianist alive today? ›

Widely considered the world's greatest living pianist, the Argentine pianist Martha Argerich has been dazzling audiences since the mid-century. Another known eccentric, she has a photographic memory, rarely gives interviews and has a reputation for canceling concerts at the last minute.

Who is the best pianist to ever live? ›

Lived: 1873-1943

Rachmaninoff is often said to be the greatest pianist of all time, hands down. Rachmaninoff considered himself a romantic, and had a strong desire to continue the romanticism of the 19th century into the 20th century, unlike his Russian counterparts, who were mostly composing modern pieces at the time.

What pianist suffers heart failure? ›

A pianist in the USA suffered acute heart failure during his concert with an orchestra on Saturday night - but went on to finish the performance. The Georgian pianist Alexander Toradze was set to perform Stravinsky's Piano Concerto for Winds and Orchestra and Shostakovich's Piano Concerto No.

What group is Ramsey Lewis in? ›

Who played bass for Ramsey Lewis? ›

The Ramsey Lewis Trio, with bassist Eldee Young and percussionist Redd Holt, became a fixture on the Chicago jazz scene, releasing their debut album, Ramsey Lewis & His Gentlemen of Jazz, back in 1956.

What nationality is Matthew Ramsey? ›

Matthew Thomas Ramsey (born October 21, 1977) is an American country music singer and songwriter who is the lead vocalist and rhythm guitarist of his band Old Dominion, with several hit songs on country radio to his credit. Buchanan, Virginia, U.S.

Was Ramsey Lewis ever married? ›

Who was Ramsey Lewis wife? ›

Does Aaron Lewis have a wife? ›

Does Wes Ramsey have a child? ›

They met on the set of the Guiding Light soap drama 16 years ago. A beautiful son was born to them both.

Who were the original members of the Ramsey Lewis Trio? ›

Ramsey Lewis, drummer Isaac "Redd" Holt and bassist Eldee Young formed the Ramsey Lewis Trio. They started as primarily a jazz unit but after their hit, "The In Crowd", in 1965 (the single reached fifth place on the pop charts, and the album second place) the trio concentrated more and more on pop material.

Does Aaron Lewis have a son? ›

Lewis resides in Worthington, Massachusetts with his wife Vanessa; the two married in 2002, they have three daughters.

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