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St. Louis is a city that is often known for being unsafe. With a population of over 300,000, the city has a crime rate that is 234% higher than the US average. In 2022, the city reported almost 4,400 violent crimes, including a high murder and assault rate. The worst areas of St. Louis are the northern parts of the city, with crime cooling off in the south. Here are the nine most dangerous neighborhoods in St. Louis in 2023.

9 Most Dangerous Neighborhoods in St. Louis

  1. Gravois Park
  2. JeffVanderLou
  3. Central West End
  4. Dutchtown
  5. Tower Grove South
  6. Bevo Mill
  7. Carondelet
  8. Downtown St. Louis
  9. Downtown West

1. Gravois Park

The most dangerous neighborhood in St. Louis is Gravois Park. This area has a population of 5,567 and is one of the oldest and most historic neighborhoods in the city. Gravois Park has a crime rate of 9,919 per 100,000 which is 323% higher than the national average. Residents have an astounding 1 in 11 chance of becoming the victim of any type of crime. In 2022 there were 271 crimes reported in Gravois Park, with 38 robberies, 47 assaults, 45 burglaries, and 27 stolen vehicles.

2. JeffVanderLou

JeffVanderLou (JVL) is another dangerous St. Louis neighborhood. It is located in central St. Louis and has a population of 4,209. The crime rate in JVL is 10,339 per 100,000, which is 341% higher than the national average. In 2022, there were a total of 241 crimes, with three murders, 17 robberies, 69 aggravated assaults, and 28 burglaries. JVL has issues stemming from poverty and unemployment, with a median income of $20,499, which is 63% higher than the national average.

3. Central West End

The Central West End is another one of the most dangerous neighborhoods in St. Louis. It has a population of 15,762 and has some of the worst violent crimes in the city. As of 2022, this part of the city alone was ranked as being 208% more dangerous than the national average, with a crime rate of 7,217. Residents have a 1 in 14 chance of becoming a victim, with gun violence, homicides, burglaries, and car thefts being rampant.

4. Dutchtown

Another one of the worst areas in St. Louis for crime is Dutchtown. This neighborhood has a population of 17,000 and a crime rate of 6,731 per 100,000 people. Dutchtown was originally a German settlement but is now home to a diverse immigrant population. Dutchtown’s crime rate is 187% higher than the US average, and the neighborhood has had decades-long problems stemming from poverty and urban decay. In 2022, there were two homicides, 47 robberies, 132 assaults, 88 burglaries, and 49 reports of stolen vehicles.

5. Tower Grove South

Tower Grove is also one of the most violent areas in St. Louis. This neighborhood is located in South St. Louis and has a population of 13,719. With a crime rate of 5,110 per 100,000, Tower Grove is 66% higher than the Missouri average. In 2022 Tower Grove reported 363 crimes, with 49 burglaries, 216 larcenies, 25 assaults, and 35 stolen vehicles. The median income in Tower Grove is $45,919, which is 17% lower than the national average.

6. Bevo Mill

Bevo Mill is also one of the worst St. Louis neighborhoods due to its high crime rates. Named after its historic mill in the neighborhood’s center, Bevo Mill has a population of 11,941. The crime rate in Bevo Mill is 4,731 per 100,000, which is 102% higher than the national average. Residents have a 1 in 22 chance of becoming the victim of any type of crime. Bevo Mill is a diverse neighborhood and is home to many immigrants from the former Yugoslavia. Crime in Bevo Mill has been slowly improving, but the area remains generally unsafe.

7. Carondelet

Carondelet has a population of 8,588 and a crime rate that is 175% higher than the national average. In 2022, there were 315 crimes, with 15 robberies, 47 assaults, 41 burglaries, 165 larcenies, and 40 vehicle thefts. Most of the crime in Carondelet is property crime, with no murders being recorded in 2022. Carondelet has issues stemming from poverty, with a median income of $33,642.

8. Downtown St. Louis

Downtown is another one of the most dangerous neighborhoods in St. Louis. This area has consistently been amongst the most violent and worst parts of St. Louis. In 2022, there were over 672 reported crimes, including two homicides, 27 robberies, 26 burglaries, and hundreds of counts of larceny. Police can’t offer adequate protection in this part of the city, and going out after dark isn’t advised.

9. Downtown West

Downtown West has a population of 4,690 and a crime rate that is 38% higher than the US average. Downtown West has 3,241 crimes per 100,000 people, with residents having a 1 in 31 chance of becoming the victim of any type of crime. In 2022, there were 16 burglaries, 311 counts of larceny, 42 robberies, and 52 assaults.


Most Dangerous Neighborhoods in St. Louis | PropertyClub? ›

As a general rule, the north side of St. Louis and downtown are the most dangerous parts of St. Louis. There are also some very localized high-crime areas on the south side.

What is the crime area in St. Louis? ›

As a general rule, the north side of St. Louis and downtown are the most dangerous parts of St. Louis. There are also some very localized high-crime areas on the south side.

Is the Gateway Arch area safe? ›

As one of America's cherished national parks, the Gateway Arch takes your safety and security very seriously.

Which side of St. Louis is safer? ›

The Central West End has an extremely low crime rate that is 59 percent below the St. Louis average, making it one of the safest places to live in the city. Central West End has plenty of parks and open spaces, making it very livable.

Is Delmar loop safe? ›

Sure, it's among the safer neighborhoods in the area. Of course, crime happens everywhere in big cities. But generally speaking, the Loop is not a dangerous area. One of the best things about the Loop is the large, free parking lot just off Delmar Blvd.

Where to avoid in St Louis? ›

9 Most Dangerous Neighborhoods in St. Louis
  • Gravois Park.
  • JeffVanderLou.
  • Central West End.
  • Dutchtown.
  • Tower Grove South.
  • Bevo Mill.
  • Carondelet.
  • Downtown St. Louis.
Mar 1, 2023

Is crime bad in East St Louis? ›

The crime rate in East St. Louis is considerably higher than the national average across all communities in America from the largest to the smallest, although at 24 crimes per one thousand residents, it is not among the communities with the very highest crime rate.

Is it safe to stay downtown St Louis? ›

Population: 5,442. To give this perspective, in the case of Downtown St. Louis, the total crime rate means that out of every 1,000 people, 814 experienced either a violent crime or property crime against them in 2022.

Is Busch Stadium in a safe area? ›

It's pretty safe, very safe if there are lots of people about, on the weekends, etc. It might get a little dicey late at night, but just stick to the main roads, where there are people and traffic and you'll have no trouble.

Is the Inner Harbor area safe? ›

A: Tourist-friendly spots that are well patrolled are among the safest parts in Baltimore, with neighborhoods including Inner Harbor, Little Italy, and Federal Hill. Don't be discouraged by some of the crime rates in Baltimore that are quite high; these areas are certainly safe parts worth checking out.

Is St. Louis or Chicago safer? ›

In 2022, Chicago saw 697 murders happen in their city limits. For murder rate, Chicago landed at No. 13 with 25.8 homicides per 100,000. St Louis had the second highest homicide rate nationally with 68.2 homicides per 100,000.

What is the upper class area of St. Louis? ›

Wydown-Skinker | Most Affluent Community in St. Louis. The wealthy St. Louis area known as Wydown-Skinker is recognized as the richest St.

What is the most common crime in St. Louis? ›

Theft in all forms is the most common crime tourists and residents alike are likely to encounter in St. Louis. Property crimes are higher than the national average, and you have a 1 in 18 chance of being the victim of a property crime in the city.

Is the South Loop safe at night? ›

Downtown Chicago, the Loop and Millennium Park areas, is very safe for tourists. It is a well-populated, well-lit, and heavily policed area of Chicago. Visitors should feel quite safe in this neighborhood, especially during the day and evening.

Is South Loop a safe area? ›

The numbers for the Chicago police 1st District, which South Loop is a part of, shows crime is on the rise, part of a trend across the board. Take the 1st District data in the month leading up to June 13 for 2020 and 2021: Last year there were roughly 52 violent crimes including three shootings.

Is South Loop safe to live? ›

The area is very safe, relatively quiet, and close to down-town amenities. There are not many restaurants in walking distance, but River North restaurants are within 10 minutes via public transit. It's a lot livelier than Hyde Park, and you are far more connected to the rest of Chicago.

What area is safe to live in St. Louis MO? ›

Safe, Affordable Neighborhoods in St. Louis
  • Boulevard Heights.
  • Downtown.
  • Lindenwood Park.
  • North Hampton.
  • Princeton Heights.
Jun 1, 2023

How safe is downtown St. Louis? ›

St. Louis also has a high rate of violent crime, with 4,387 incidents in 2021. The most common violent crime is assault, which makes up about 74% of all total violent crimes. It is followed, although not closely, by robbery.

What are the neighborhoods of St. Louis? ›

Does St. Louis have a higher crime rate than Chicago? ›

A report by Wirepoints looks at 2022 homicide statistics in the 75 largest U.S. cities and shows that for the third straight year, Chicago leads the way in total number of homicides. St. Louis came in at No. 2 for homicide rates.

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