I Built World's Safest Mini House (2023)


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We spent 30 days building Elon musk's tiny home.

As cool, as it is, we realized that there definitely isn't enough security for the richest man in the world.

So we decided to cover the house in steel do a fence around the perimeter.

And we even installed a safe door.

This is literally from a bank vault the combo is one two three four five six we're gonna change the combo don't worry there is eight bolts this door is solid this is Elon Musk tiny home now in our last video we survived 24 hours in here and it pretty much looks exactly the same and we have Mr Elon himself this house has everything you need to survive but safety which is what we're working on right now we gotta get back to work boom first camera installed this camera is super important because it's going to watch the front door, which is the most common entry.

Point it's upside down.

Bro what do you mean? It's upside down.

Could you just flip the footage? Yeah, yeah.

All right.


Is locked in place? What kind of nails? Did we buy? Oh, I.

Got it.

Never mind they're.

Good Nails, I had the drill in reverse, gosh, dang it.

Now it's.

So stuck, I, can't, even I, can't, even move the camera.

Oh geez, almost fell how's that angle rotate it.

Yeah, yeah.

Another camera installed called me, unspeakable, I.T, right there on the river.

The tiny called barbed wire.

The roof is solid wood.

And even if you drill through the roof, you're just going to be stuck in the Attic So, the roof pretty secure very solid.

Okay, cameras are set up.

They all got really good views would Elon approve, no, but they work.

And he would approve of that you mind keeping an eye on the cameras, especially this one, if you need anything just let us know, okay, this is bulletproof wood because that exists.

Now we got to reinforce the windows so we're going to board them up go slow because my fingers pinched.

We even made a custom one, just for the AC vent, because even though you're, how can you you still got to cover up the AC vent? You know what if they just take the AC unit off and then climb in through the hole, you can't because the AC unit is inside the window, and you can't open the window because it's behind the wood.

This is actually the element of surprise.

You'd have better luck.

Just drilling underground.

Screw it in please.

This is probably our strongest window.

All right? What did you say screw it in yeah, in this van, we have all the tools we need or at least we have all the tools.

We think we need to break in to the safest house all right.


Go what's our safe code.

If anything goes wrong, steel flowers, steal flowers, yeah, I like that.

You ready, I kind of like.




Go all right.

I'm gonna bust down the door, open the door bust down the door, hold on.

So realistically, we know the code is one two, three, four, five, six, because we didn't change it, but we're seeing how safe this house really is what if we disguise it as a Minecraft door.

Now, they'll never know foreign sesame.

See if those board up windows can stand against this paintball gun, the window is still windowing.

This is just the beginning of what we have in store.

We have some of the most advanced tools that humans have ever created, however, we're slowly evolving, because we want to give this house a chance because realistically stick a dynamite.

It would work.

What is that play button? My 10 million Diamond play button.

That metal is solid time to bring out the real guns.

Stone ax, try this.

Okay, like that.

Boy, okay, it's not doing much it's, not doing anything hit the wood.

Yeah, it did nothing.



Come here check this out check this out.

We got a couple marks a lot of marks up here.

So we cleaned it.

We polished all right to the next thing.

This isn't gonna work stop stop.

What I know how to get in just open the door foreign through the door, oh God that should definitely bro the door's still locked.

Why? Why? Dude, why did we do such a good job, it's, still, locked realistically.

The easiest way to break into this house is probably to go through one of these windows, how the fence worked hit that bro give it with all your might, oh God, he's gonna miss and it's gonna hit me it.

Bounced a nice little trampoline.

Oh, you cracked some of the wood.

Look at that hit that boy again, we have a chainsaw, but we're trying to do this a more difficult way, hard work.

I can't believe the drum is stronger than the whole house I'm done with the drum.

We should have just built a giant drum.

Instead of a house called me, katnish, oh God.

Why is this thing so hard to pull back? But it bounced like that? Yo, did you see the way it landed? You just bottle flip an arrow.

My guy off Elon, musk's house, bro, it bounces off the wood.

You need a better projectile.

Oh, that was nice.

Oh, this has got me working about sweat.

My guy, oh God.

We'd be the worst robbers ever.

Would you look at that? Are you ready? Hey, hey, would you look at that? No? Would you look at that? I'm impressed this one's gonna go through baby I'm next in line, dang it I suck at this come on John, Wick, Show, Me, What, You're, Made, Of.

Oh, that was uh.

That was a window I broke.

The window is that a potato, oh God, that's all our dishes.

Hey, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait stop.

Why I can't get it out? How do you get this thing out? The face? Dude, I made a face.

It looks like a pumpkin.

Do you see? It I'll continue to throw both diet, though, oh my God.

Why is this thing? So heavy all right? Baby, y'all see the smoke that's coming out Boys on fire.

If anyone's in there, you're gonna get potatoed.

This is what happens when James leaves us.

We make content like this.

Do you like it when this happens? James come back dang.

It dang.

It dang.



We messed up the whole time we used the drum, but mayonnaise is also an instrument come show me what mayonnaise can do brother I'm gonna shove this crowbar in this thing and I'm gonna pry out this wood.

Oh, yeah, you finna hit that ball.

You're about to get dirty bro.

What you mean I'm scared mayonnaise is an instrument.

I think I pulled my muscle on that one it's.

Okay, I got a crush kids.

This is what the real robbers use.

Yes, you're gonna get the screw on the bottom part.


Everyone knows you go top down when you wash your car top down when you clean a house top down, when you fly a plane, you go up.

And then you go down hop down what's.

He talking, yeah, see.

This is what happens when you don't go top down.

Yeah, I see I, get it I.

Get it now there's.

A lot of glass in the sink I won't, be doing dishes.

Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait.

The drum started this.

It should finish it? Oh you're, right brother, drumstick that boy in yeah, oh yeah.

A little flexi, dude.

Why are we in such a rush? We have all day, drink some water.

You're, right? Why are we rushing? Why are we stressing? Why are we sweating? This is killing the video's retention.

I'm, sorry, let's get back to all right? Let's.

Go hold up because this water busting, though, oh, hey, we bottle flipped the drum it's time to play some music bro.

We lost our best weapon because it's a drum.

Never mind the final swing, but the window wasn't, locked the whole time who would it lock the window? Probably you you wanna crawl in yeah, let me give you a ladder.

Wait, you forgot your ski mask.

Oh I gotta go find.

It Elon are you in there? He probably heard us for the past hour get it brother? Come on go there you go grab onto that seat.

Handle I.

Do what I want? Okay? Go unlock the front door.

So I can get in.




Are you in here? I don't think he's home.

Oh, my goodness.

Are you? Okay? I'm perfectly okey.


All right? Unlock the front door.

Come on.


We did it.

We got the drum back let's, go to sleep.

This is all I wanted I'm not done with this thing.

Yeah, we're.

Good, send it all right? You got some slack you're getting close that why didn't we do this in the first place that was so easy we should have did that from the beginning did you even put your foot on the gas I didn't, even put my foot on the gas I'm way, too heavy I'm, not picking that up? Wow.

So how do we do this Girl Scout cookies, subscribe.

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