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stained glass
Welcome to the striking & beautiful world of
Stained Glass

Stained Glass is unique among the arts because of its special relationship with light. Essentially a dynamic, daylight art form, Stained Glass is energized through this relationship and changes according to time of day, seasons and weather. It has often been called a living art.

I have been working in Stained Glass for the past 33 years. During that period, I have designed and created thousands upon thousands of pieces ranging from small sun catchers to massive windows for homes, offices and businesses.
For 27 years, I operated a retail outlet in my 1904 Barn Studio in SE Ohio. During those years, visitors from nearly every state in the US, and dozens of foreign countries, examined my work and proudly took home mementoes to remind them of the experience.
Today, my work is confined to privately-commissioned projects for folks who want to add a “special touch” to their environment. Nearly a dozen major custom homebuilders in Central Ohio recommend me to their buyers. Once completed, my work is expanded via a network of friends & neighbors.
custom work
Two areas of the home are “favorite places" for a major improvement…at a modest price. They are the Master Bath, where privacy is essential, but beauty and light are desired. And the Front Entry, where important “first impressions" are made to all who visit the home.
Making a special piece of art is exciting—for both me and the Buyer. The Design is created to suit the styles and tastes of the Buyer; you help select colors and types of glass. I do my work the old-fashioned way: hand-crafted in the Tiffany tradition. Contact me, and my next project can be yours!
custom work


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