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Morgan County Herald - August 27, 1987

Borsari honored as "Friend of Education"

Morgan Local Education Association presented its first "Friend of Education" award to area stained glass artist Chuck Borsari for his efforts to establish an art program in the elementary schools. The award was presented to Borsari Friday during a teachers’ in-service day opening the 1987-88 school year at Morgan Local.

Borsari, who is serving his third term as president of the local Howard Chandler Christy Art Guild, was instrumental in organizing a community-wide campaign to convince the Morgan Local Board of Education to adopt the art program and hire professional art teachers to carry it out.

The "Friend of Education" award was presented to Borsari by Windsor teacher Shirley Latture, a past president of MLEA. She told how she had gone to Borsari’s stained glass studio in the fall of 1985 and related how a casual conversation turned into a massive campaign to win adoption of the art program.

Establishment of an art program had been a goal of the local Art Guild for more then a decade, but each approach to the subject was met with resistance from school administration officials, who apparently believed wither that the program wasn’t necessary or that it couldn’t be funded. Latture told the teachers’ gathering that the MLEA had brought up the subject several times during contract negotiations, but was also rebuffed.

With the election of a new school board in 1985, Borsari felt the time was right for a new effort to win the art program. The Art Guilds was mobilized factual research began on Morgan Local’s shortcomings compared to other neighboring school districts, and parents, teachers, and concerned citizens were contacted and asked to show their support by attending school board meetings.

On a cold evening of January 15, 1986, Borsari presented the Art Guild’s special report during a 35-minute address to the new school board. Former Supt. James McKinney called the presentation "outstanding" and said he had "never heard a lay person address an issue as well."

Two months later, the board officially adopted the program, and the first new art teachers were hired for the 1986-87 school year. Under Borsari’s leadership, the Art Guild also pressed for (and won) a complete revision of the art curriculum for Morgan Schools. That curriculum will begin this current school year.

In accepting the MLEA award, Borsari told the teachers the art program would not have been won without the cooperation and hard work by Art Guild members, teachers "and hundreds and hundreds of citizens and concerned parents" who overflowed the school board meeting in support of the cause. He thanked all for their support.

In closing, the Art Guild president said, "A good art program is just one part of a good school system. But now that we have that, we cannot afford to sit back and be complacent. Now we have anew challenge ahead of us, and that is the compelling need for anew middle school to serve the children of Morgan. "

He urged teachers to do all they can to support the school bond issue on the ballot November 3 and to discuss the merits of the new school with students and their parents.


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